The RLC Silver Stars can provide Parachute Displays for a whole host of different types of events. The team has covered events such as high profile sporting events jumping into stadiums, country fairs, and air shows. We can also cater for private events such as corporate events and weddings. On each display the team will provide a minimum of 4, to a maximum of 10 jumpers.

The jumpers will fly under their parachutes trailing smoke and flying flags for added visual effect. On previous displays we have delivered trophies, match balls, and cuddly toys: if we can carry it, and you want it delivered from the sky we can make it happen. If you have a key event sponsor, we are able to rig their flag and fly that too. A crowd-engaging commentator is also provided to make the display more interactive for the crowd and to help them understand what is happening during the display.

Ideally we will require a minimum of 28 days’ notice in order to put on a parachute display, however, there have been times when this has been less. The minimum safe arena size is 100x50m2, but average parachute landing areas are 100x75m.

As part of the booking process we will require permission from the landowner and a deposit, for additional information please request our booking form, or you may wish to contact a member of our permanent staff.

Tel: 07738 969578


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